Residential Design involves designing and building residential spaces, from individual homes to apartment complexes. Residential design has many concerns that are unique to it and it calls for a specific set of skills to be a good residential designer. A very important concept that a good residential designer would pay specific attention to is utility. This involves taking into consideration the intended use of the space, as in individual rooms or spaces.

Interior Design involves decorating and beautifying the interiors of a space. Commercial design is much more than just that. It is the entire process of conceptualizing and constructing or renovating a commercial space, from layout planning to choice of building materials, laying down sanitation systems to setting the power system in place. Commercial design calls for a very specific and advanced set of skills, For successful commercial design, it is crucial for the interior designer to have concrete practical knowledge and experience in the field of interior design. Only then is it possible to create and bring to life a truly functional and beautiful commercial space.

Exhibition design, deals with the designing and implementing of exhibition stands in a trade fair or exhibition, for a client. The process is not as simple as it sounds. Exhibition design calls for an acute knowledge of marketing strategy and branding along with a practical experience in implementing it. The most important element of this process is to be able to put the client’s intended message across to the target customers successfully. As easy as it is to state, it is as difficult to achieve this underlying objective in practice.

Furniture designs are believed to have become the main source for elegance in any form of building structure. Be it office, home or a commercial area; the furniture installed depicts the style of the place.
A furniture package is an interior design scheme that is created to fit within a variety of environments and spaces. The client does not individually select the items; they are chosen by the designer and become part of a scheme that is purchased as a complete furniture package and supplied on a turnkey basis.
Our designers will also be regularly updating the existing furniture packages and signature designs.
Our furniture packages provide a starting point. Once the design has been selected, our design team will provide customized space-plan on an individual basis to ensure that the furniture will fit the available space and to suggest additional pieces and/or alternatives if required. The designs have been created to fit all shapes and sizes; from studios to three bedroom apartments. Customized designs for villas, larger homes and commercial projects are undertaken on an individual basis.